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How ADAMS got on board with Thought Collective’s Solutions

Logo design - ADAMS is an Australian owned and operated company with links to tourism.


Stationery and tender documentation.


New vehicle livery designed and developed in conjunction with Irizar and inspired by luxury airlines.


Uniforms for drivers, reservations and administration staff.


ADAMS has a number of sub-division, denoted by colour-coded versions of the logo.


The thinking behind the work:



review   ADAMS had reached a crossroads. They had bought up a number of other brands, but this left them with no clear identity or direction. ADAMS was becoming a fragmented and confused brand both internally and externally.
inspire   The opportunity was to realign and strengthen the ADAMS brand. To develop a clear, single-minded brand message that was to be consistently followed both internally and externally.
optimise   To achieve this we refreshed the ADAMS visual identity, providing them with a new vision and positioning statement that staff and customers could connect to. The rollout continues, but we’ve included examples of the work carried out so far.
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