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Leadership WA

How we helped Leadership WA inspire today’s leaders

Starting with the triangles from the logo, we created a look and feel that encapsulated everything Leadership WA stands for.


We created a consistent look and feel and a new platform to communicate with new audiences.



The thinking behind the work:



review   Leadership WA were relying solely on word of mouth to draw in new candidates. Having honed an excellent product, it was now time to get serious about sharing it with the world in a much more targeted way.
inspire   We felt that, what was needed was a new look and feel, combined with a powerful tone of voice that communicated who Leadership WA is and what they offer to the wider community.
optimise   Starting with a brochure, we created a new way to encapsulate Leadership WA’s brand and service offerings, which we then rolled out to eDM and other marketing collateral.
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